Interaction Between Software Program and Its User

Software Testing Services: Measuring Management

Effective interchange of information attached to the relevant context requires predominantly “upward” and “outward” management. Upward management involves the exchange of information between immediate supervisors, other senior managers and policy makers. Outward management involves interaction between technical managers and development managers, configuration management, build management, sales, financial managers, operations and technical support managers, business analysts, and others who are at the same level in the organizational structure as the test manager. By the way, real projects are much more complicated than you might imagine. The context of your work can consist of another set of vertical and horizontal communications. Software testing services focus on analyzing IT products under development to make sure that they are compliant with their requirements specifications. Manufactured software apps are to be examined for their entire life cycle to prevent the issues from being delivered to production environment.

As far as the role of lead tester / test manager is concerned, the effectiveness of his upward and outward types of management has a big impact on the overall assessment of his work. In other words, leaders and colleagues assess the competence of the test manager not only by how he acquires information, but also (to no lesser extent) by how he selects information for further work and how he exchanges this information with them.

Upward and outward management present variety of problems to the lead tester and test manager. Even experienced product development leaders do not always understand the role and significance of testing in the software world. Currently, the area of software app testing includes such a vast amount of knowledge that even every experienced tester is unable to learn all of the information. As a result, the tester faces even more complicated interaction tasks. Quality control company is at your disposal to monitor software development process from start to finish to ascertain that final products comply with quality criteria of your organization.

If testing is conducted correctly, perhaps the most important test results often mean bad news for colleagues and leaders of the test manager. Competent testers rarely find themselves in a situation where they report to project managers: “All tests were performed during the night, no significant errors were found, so the product is ready to be released.” Quality assured services are delivered to simplify production process and speed up time-to-market.  

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