Overview of a General Approach to The Testing Process

Overview of a General Approach to The Testing Process

Our aim is to conduct a very comprehensive and thorough testing of software products, remembering that actual concerns are time and financial constraints. There is an approach to object-oriented testing founded on scientific research, as well as on the experience acquired in collaborating with specialists in various industries, such as finances and telecommunications.


In our approach, testing is a second thought. Testing is a process independent of the development process, however, closely related to it. Our motto: Test as early as possible. Test often. Test sufficiently. A majority prefers the following iterative development:


  1. Analyze briefly.
  2. Do a small amount of design work.
  3. Do some programming work.
  4. Test everything you can.


Testing everything you can involves both what can be done technically, and what can be done under circumstances of the limited resource and time constraints. Iterative testing yields a large amount of useful and beneficial results. Regular testing allows you to detect software failures in the early stages of development, thus avoiding large-scale alterations within subsequent iterations.


The last test iteration is followed by system testing and acceptance testing. Nevertheless, if the software system can be developed incrementally, system testing can be carried out after each such increment.


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What types of testing should be done for object-oriented software application?

  • Class testing which substitutes unit testing;
  • Model testing;
  • Interaction testing which substitutes integration testing;
  • Acceptance tests;
  • System tests (and also subsystem tests);
  • Deployment testing (self-test).


The testing process determines testing work for each type of software development activity.

It is less likely that you will or should practice everything that is described in our multiple articles. There are rarely enough resources to the development effort to perform all levels and types of testing we offer.


Hopefully, that there will be a chance to find a number of approaches and methods that will prove to be useful, effective, applicable and permissible for the implementation of the project.

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