Pros and Cons of Automated Testing Services

There are some misconceptions about test automation, as well as about a variety of other specialized IT disciplines. In order to make the most of automated testing one should avoid it disadvantages and focus only on its benefits. So it is time to understand when automated testing services should be used and when they need to be replaced with manual processes.

Pros of test automation:

Repeatance takes place when all written tests are executed in the same manner, without direct human involvement. The tester will neither leave the test undone by inadvertence, nor make a hash of test results.

Promptness – an automated test script does not need to be checked with requirements specification and documentation, and this allows to save on the execution time.
Less maintenance costs – by this is meant that when automated test scripts are already written, less time is needed for their maintenance and analysis as compared to the equivalent manual tests.

Reports – test results which are automatically distributed and saved.

Execution with any human intervention – during test automation, an engineer-tester has a possibility to do his thing, i.e. do another useful work, or tests can be run out of hours.

Automation testing companies perform the tasks that are impossible with manual test effort.

Cons of test automation:

Repeatance is also a disadvantage because when running a manual test, it is possible for a tester to give consideration to some details and carry out additional procedures so that to uncover a software defect. An automated script cannot cope with such a task.
Maintenance costs – despite the fact that automated tests do involve less maintenance costs in comparison with costs for equivalent manual testing – these still exist. The more frequently an application undergoes changes and updates, the higher the costs are.
High costs of automation test development – development of automated test scripts is a complicated process since, in fact, it is a development of a software program which will be used to verify another software program.
High cost of test automation tools – the cost of licensed software may be extremely high. As a rule, free test automation tools have simple functionality and are not as easy to use as the paid ones.
Omission of insignificant defects – an automated test script happens to skip low priority defects which they are not intended to detect.
However, automation testing service is in high demand because anyway it helps to increase effectiveness, quality and speed of software testing.

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