System Testing – Vital Issue

System Testing – Vital Issue

For professional software testers, the system-test phase means the same as a game day means for a football player or a play day for a theatrical actor. A lot of planning and prep work has been done, all the preparatory activities have been completed therefore the time to act has come. The first thing to do is to check whether everything is in place and everything is ready. All these activities can be supplemented by applying entry criteria for system tests, which definitions are included in the test plan. The entry criterion for testing takes the form of a questionnaire:



  • Has a test plan been drawn up, revised and approved?
  • Have the development team completed the planned unit testing and integration testing?


  1. Have “leakproof” tests been done to ensure that the program under test can be successfully installed and at least capable of popping an open window?


If the entry criteria for testing are met, you may start testing the system. Testing is usually a valuable and important stage of any project. Ideally, the delay in system tests involves a delay in the delivery of the software product, although the testing team is often asked to find ways to speed up the test process so that the software product can be delivered on time. Best software testing companies help the developers to publish the best product which is assured to be of superior quality. Take your chance to use the services of award-winning qa organizations.


Despite the risk of using too many analogies, we will add one more: if we compare software development with a relay race, then the testing group runs the last stage of the race. If the runners in the previous stages lose out to their rivals, it is unrealistic to hope that the athlete running at the last stage is a superman capable of making up for lost time. Whether it is either realistic or unrealistic, but as a matter of practice the business situation often leads to accelerated implementation of the testing phase, so you should always be ready to apply priority-based testing approach and other contingency plans in order to mitigate the consequences of the schedule overrun.


Testing is based on the execution of tests specified in the test plan. As a result of the test run, various defects are detected and error messages are displayed. In this case, data that provide the ability to keep track of defects are entered into a special database, which stores information used to track defects.

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