Introduction of Quality Risk Analysis Process to The Team

Introduction of Quality Risk Analysis Process to The Team

As a rule, after an integration and system test manager holds negotiations with a product manager and development manager, he spends some time gathering information about the project and the document management subsystem. The document management subsystem should allow users to create, update, search and share large document sets. A main target market segment for this feature are law firms. As part of their work, they create, retain, reference huge volumes of large accounting related documents. The document management subsystem should interact with hierarchical storage management systems with almost online (optical jukebox), online (disk), and offline (tape) storage models.


Key Quality and Testing Stakeholders, Key Stakeholders:  


Employees of the company that directly contact with customers, users or the testing process, who are familiar with the technical details of the system.


Quality risk analysis process



Businesses of all sizes tend to outsource software testing to third party partners because of the ability to save on costs and ensure timely yet successful releases. At that you will be provided with the most accurate test results to become aware of the quality of your project.


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