The Right Way to Survey Job Applicants

The Right Way to Survey Job Applicants

If you want to hire an employee who meets specific job requirements, you can ask him to create a plan of action in a hypothetical situation and analyze the solution he proposes. For example, if there is the need for an actor who can draw up test plans and test cases for a certain software product, you can develop a simple set of technical requirements and ask the candidate what kind of tests he will use. Searching for the right solution together with the candidate and making sketches on paper or discussing various details of the problem when necessary, one should get an idea of ​​how well a candidate copes with the task of writing tests.


Assess the extent to which the candidate is inclined to commit the common errors, creating appropriate situations for him and analyzing his answers. For example, you can put a candidate in a situation where the testing group is under pressure to shorten the testing period. Further it would be nice to ask him the following questions.


  1. Do you reject the test plan in favor of specialized testing?
  2. Will you document problems that you encounter during the test run, or only successful or unsuccessful test outcome?
  3. Will you spend some time drawing up a plan indicating which tests will be run on a final version of the software product, or will you start the test run in the hopes of completing everything before ‘the final bell rings’?
  4. What past decisions were made in similar situations? ..


You can propose other situations that involve conflict with the developers, or in which you want to make a decision, if suddenly there is a suspicion that a colleague reports non-existent defects and problems. Software testing outsourcing is the best way to ensure the required quality of digital products within budget and deadline. It is time to deal with competent specialists without making huge investments in qa process.


There are the five basic principles of staffing formulated by a famous computer scientist:


  • Professional suitability
  • Distribution of work in accordance with the qualification
  • Career advancement
  • Proportional allocation of resources within the testing group
  • Gradual phase-out (including elimination of inconsistencies).


It should not be forgotten that no employee can possess all the professional qualities that members of a testing group are required to have, and therefore the staff should be balanced so as to meet all the qualification requirements.

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